Today a beautiful tiny hummingbird flew inside my office building, where the top floor is made of nothing but windows on two sides, making it a veritable death trap for anything with wings (something I have sadly been witness to more often than I care to count). Fighting anxiety, I immediately felt for the little creature. I asked a coworker to help me wrangle him into a box and get him back outside. After many attempts, with each failure having the potential to inadvertently shock the bird into a heart attack, we finally managed to get him outside where we watched him flutter off and out of sight. My heart aches, hoping the little guy made it home safely and survived the ordeal after all, but I will never know for sure. Its crazy how gorgeous something so small and fragile can be. I guess we’re all like that, but we rarely like to admit it. Delicate things are beautiful, perhaps because we are more aware of how fleeting and volatile their very existence can be. Its more evident in tiny packages. There’s a comedic quality to picturing how we must look to something as big as a Super Nova in the Universe. Its scary to think of how insignificant we are. What is the point of such trivial things such as ourselves? Well, to take a lesson from my hummingbird today, I suppose we are here simply to bring beauty to this world. Its so sad to think of all the people who would rather bring destruction, pain, sadness…what’s the point? Are people so fooled into thinking the fleeting joy of self gratification is worth all the pain they inflict on others? Is it possible that people could be so short-sighted that they don’t see the consequences of their actions? Does it all stem from fear? Fear of being real, of being our true selves? We have so much fear of showing the world our true self, of rejection of that truth…a fear so crippling that we would prefer to stay hidden and consequently never overcome it. Acting out of fear can only cause regret. Can you even fathom how beautiful this world would be without fear or regret? We would all strive to understand each other, support one another, be loving and happy and find joy in others’ happiness. Why do we only wish good things for ourselves, partners, families and friends? Why stop there? We let things like cultural divides, country borders, language barriers and religious dogma get in the way of love. Are those things really more important? Why was learning to share such an important lesson to grasp when we were children, but the moment we step out into adulthood, the word is completely removed from our vocabulary? It seems so simple and yet profoundly impossible to achieve all at once. I don’t think I will ever understand it.